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About Adonis Okonya

Adonis Okonya, Owner of Okonya and Associates, is a well-versed Broker whose passion for real estate naturally blossomed from his love for people. He is a native of Atlanta, Georgia where he graduated with honors from Benjamin E. Mays High School. Adonis is an advent sport enthusiast and his competitive spirit was forged early in his childhood through sports, where he excelled at basketball and baseball. His affinity for math and science led him to attend Georgia Southern University where he earned a Mechanical Engineering degree. After college, he began his career as an Engineer with Siemens Energy and Automation, traveling domestically and abroad leading various projects for their Field Service Engineering division. After thirteen years in the field, Adonis is currently a Lead Engineer and Program Manager for the Department of Defense, stationed at Lockheed Martin Marietta.

In 2007, Adonis purchased his first residential property. He was a novice in every aspect of a real estate transaction and quickly learned that he needed to be more knowledgeable of the housing industry. Learning from his own mistakes, this is how his quest to become a real estate mogul began. Adonis then earned his Master’s degree from Kennesaw State University’s Executive MBA program with an emphasis on leadership and entrepreneurship; where he finished at the top of his class. After being a REALTOR for six-plus years, graduate school was invaluable as it added the technical skillset on how to establish, maintain and scale a business. His experience coupled with his education catapulted Adonis ahead of others in the industry.

Adonis understands that, for most, buying or selling a home is a life changing event and one of the largest investments and decisions people make. He thrives by creating an atmosphere of transparency and trust throughout his transactions. Adonis prides himself on educating buyers and sellers on the real estate process in its entirety, in attempts to ensure that all parties are well-informed. As a native and lover of all things Atlanta, Adonis is a step ahead in analyzing the trends of the fast-paced market within the city and its surrounding counties. This gives him the unique perspective that allows him to educate clients on knowing when to buy, where to buy and what areas to avoid. “I treat my clients’ needs and wants as they are my own, which aides me in helping them secure the best deal possible. I am amazed at how those I represent start as clients and end as family,” Adonis says. In starting his Brokerage, Adonis will provide a unique service, training and empowering real estate agents to sell real estate as a secondary income; especially since the Codvid-9 pandemic has begun. The motto is to: “Have fun while supplementing your income!” Adonis has used this model to successfully sale more than $25 million in sales recently. When not selling real estate, Adonis can be found playing sports, producing music and spending quality time with his family.

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