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Adonis Okonya

Adonis Okonya, Owner of Okonya and Associates, is a seasoned Broker whose real estate enthusiasm grew from his people-centric nature. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, he graduated with honors from Benjamin E. Mays High School. With a passion for math and science, Adonis pursued a Mechanical Engineering degree at Georgia Southern University. For fifteen years, he thrived as a Lead and Supervisory Engineer at Fortune 500 companies including Siemens Industry, and in the governmental sector, working with the Department of Defense.

In 2007, Adonis purchased his first residential property and quickly realized his lack of knowledge in real estate. This sparked his journey towards becoming a real estate mogul. Adonis achieved a top position in Kennesaw State University’s Executive MBA program, focusing on leadership and entrepreneurship. With almost a decade as a REALTOR and a valuable graduate education, Adonis gained the technical skills to establish, maintain, and scale his business, setting him apart in the industry.

Adonis recognizes the transformative impact of buying or selling a home, land, or commercial property, representing one of life's significant decisions and investments. He prioritizes transparency and trust, fostering these values throughout transactions. Adonis takes pride in thoroughly educating clients about the complete real estate process, aiming for well-informed parties. With his Atlanta roots and passion for the city's dynamics, Adonis possesses a keen understanding of the rapid market trends within the city and its adjacent counties. This distinct perspective empowers him to guide clients in strategic buying, location selection, and potential pitfalls to avoid.

Beyond real estate endeavors, Adonis's diverse interests encompass sports, music production, and cherished moments spent with his family.

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