Mentor Program Mission Statement: The Okonya & Associates’ Mentor program is directed by the Qualifying Broker. Its mission is to support new licensees in establishing a business foundation of knowledge, team-building and excellence within the business model of Okonya & Associates.

Goal: The Broker will lead the program ensuring that new agents have the best education, information, resources and training to empower them as they transition into the real estate industry. We want our agents to exude confidence, be efficient and always led with integrity, while making a boat-load of money! After our agents complete the program, they will have the ability to perform their real estate duties, build a successful real estate business and measure up to being an industry leader as an Okonya & Associates Agent. Agents will be afforded the opportunity to voice their program opinions and feedback. Every opportunity to improve the Program will be taken seriously go keep the feedback coming!

Mentor Program Definitions & Requirements

  • Okonya & Associates requires new licensee to work with Mentor (Broker) for their first three (3) transactions.

  • “New Licensee” = agent who is newly licensed, who has closed fewer than 3

       transactions within a year.

  •  A Lease transaction DOES NOT apply to the percentage split identified below

  • Transactions involving Mentee's personal residence DOES count toward the program


Mentorship Program Commission Split

  • 55/45 Commission Split (Agent retains 55% for first 3 transactions);

  • $300 per transaction fee + FMLS fee (when applicable)

  • Residential and Commercial purchase & sale transactions

  • After 3 transactions, then agent goes into the regular Agent Commission Split Plan